Jamaican rum is one of the largest exports of the country. Although the other Caribbean islands are proud of their rums and other spirits, Jamaica has been winning awards for the quality of its rum since the 1870’s.

Jamaican rum comes in different colors including clear, light, dark, and very dark. Various brands contain from less than 40% alcohol to over 75% alcohol. The most type of rum sold in Jamaica is the light types with about 40% alcohol. You can also find '151' rums (151 proof) and high strength 'overproof' rums that have 75% alcohol and above. The stronger rums are popular in many types of mixed drinks. Various brands are also aged various lengths of time with some aged 12, 20, or even 30 years. The price of a bottle of rum, in general, increases as the alcohol content increases and the age of the rum increases.

Brands of Jamaican rum sold both on the island and all over the world include the following:

* Appleton

* Trelawny

* Port Royal

* Coruba

* Myrers

* Blackwells

* Wray & Nephew

Rum can be purchased at many locations on the island. The lowest prices for rum in Jamaica is normally found at supermarkets in the major cities such as Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril. Hotel gift shops normally sell rum at higher than average prices. Rum can also be purchased at the international airports at good prices (but higher than at some places outside the airports and well below most hotel gift shop prices).

Rum purchased outside the airports departure areas must be packed in your checked bags before leaving Jamaica. Rum purchased in Jamaica at the airport after passing security can be carried on the plane home. However, if you change planes on the way home you will need to put the rum in your checked bags when you change planes.