The water temperature of the ocean in Jamaica is almost always warm. The data in the following table is for Discovery Bay on the north coast of Jamaica. The monthly values in the table are the average of the daily readings taken over a period of three years. The lowest average temperature is in March and the highest average temperature is in September.


Avg. Temp. In Deg. C 

 Jan.  26.7C
 Feb.  26.5
 Mar.  26.4
 Apr.  26.9
 May  27.2
 Jun.  28.0
 Jul.  28.2
 Aug.  28.9
 Sep.  29.3
 Oct.  29.1
 Nov.  28.5
 Dec.  27.2

The temperature can be altered by external factors such as hurricanes in a given year.

This data was collected by the University of the West Indies, Discovery Bay Marine Lab.