There are several ways to get between Montego Bay and Kingston.

Knutsford Express offers bus service several times a day between downtown Montego Bay and New Kingston. Service is offered every day including Sunday and public holidays. Travel time is about four hours. The bus also makes stops in Falmouth (selected runs only, check schedule) and Ocho Rios in each direction. There is continuing service from Montego Bay to Negril on selected runs (see schedule). The bus is a rather economical way to make the trip. Bookings can be made on the website: or phone (876) 971-1822.

The bus departure points are:

Montego Bay Marine Drive off Howard Cooke Blvd. (between LOJ Shopping Complex and Pier 1)
Kingston 18 Dominica Drive, enter on Grenada Crescent (across from New Kingston Shopping Center)
Negril Lot across the road from Timess Square Mall on Norman Manly Bl. (aka beach road) about 1km north of roundabout
GuttersTexico Gas Station (at the foot of Spur Tree Hill)
FalmouthGlistening Waters
Savanna La Mar
Dunbar Mall
ManchesterShop 1 Central Plaza on Caledonia Road (across from the Manchester Shopping Center)
Port Antonio
Errol Flinn Marina
Ocho Rios
Ocho Rios Jerk Centeron on Dacosta Drive

Note: Knutsford offers service from Kingston to Montego Bay via two routes. One route is via Oco Rios and Falmouth along the north shore of the island. Service from Kingston to Montego Bay is also offered via Manchester.

Note: Travel time from Ocho Rios is about two hours to either Montego Bay or to Kingston. Travel time between Montego Bay and Falmouth is about 30 min. while it takes about 1 hr. 30 min. to travel between Falmouth and Ocho Rios.

Note: The Montego Bay departure point is about 3 km (2 miles) from the Montego Bay airport. The Kingston departure point is about 20 km (12 miles) from the Kingston airport. There is no service by the Knursford Express bus to either international airport or to any resort or hotel in any city along the route. To reach a resort or hotel along the route, leave the bus in either Ocho Rios or Falmouth and use a taxi to reach your resort or hotel. From either airport to the bus departure points, in either New Kingston or Montego Bay, it is best to use a taxi. A taxi should also be used to transfer to either bus departure point and a hotel, be it in the Kingston area or in the Montego Bay area.

Note: Knutsford also offers service between Montego Bay and Negril on a regular basis (selected runs to/from Kingston only, check schedule). The departure point in Negril is about 1km north of the Negril roundabout on Norman Manley Bl. (aka beach road) next to Bourbon Beach. A taxi will be needed to reach almost all resorts and hotels in Negril from the bus departure point.


interCaribbean Airways (fka Air Turks & Caicos) offers daily scheduled flights each way between Kingston (KIN) and Montego Bay (MBJ). You can call them toll free in Jamaica on (800) 572-7628, in the US/Canada on (888)-957-3323, or from the rest of the world on (649) 946-4999, or book online 

TimAir Limited offers charter service to and from all areas on the island including Kingston from its Montego Bay base. As a charter airline, TimAir flies on an as needed basis. Bookings can be made on the website: phone (876) 952-2516. International Airlink, a second charter airline, also offers service from Montego Bay to Kingston. You may phone them at (876) 940-6660 or see their website: more information. Flight time between Kingston and Montego Bay is about 40 min.

Another option is to fly via helicopter. There are two companies that offer this service: Captain John's Island Hoppers, phone (876) 974-1285, and Jamaica Customized Vacations & Services, phone (876) 863-1798. Both companies also have web sites. Helicopter transfers are one of the fastest ways to get between Kingston and Montego Bay and gives you a bonus aerial view of Jamaica on the way.

Very limited scheduled air service is offered by Caribbean Airlines between the international airports in Kingston (KIN) and Montego Bay (MBJ).

Jamaica Air Shuttle operates scheduled air service between the Tinson Pen Aerodrome (KPT) just west of downtown Kingston and the international airport in Montego Bay (MBJ). The Tinson Pen Aerodrome is located about 3 miles (5 km) from downtown Kingston and about 13 miles (22 km) from the international airport for Kingston (KIN). A taxi should be used to transfer between the two airports in Kingston or from Tinson Pen Aerodrome and downtown Kingston or New Kingston.


A large number of transfer companies offer van transfers between resorts and hotels in Montego Bay and the Kingston airport or from the Kingston airport to Montego Bay resorts and hotels. These are private transfers and should be arranged in advance. Transfer time is about four hours depending on the resort or hotel and driving conditions. The price for these private transfers is by van (it is not priced by person) and is determined by the vehicle size required. The basic price for such a transfer is based on the use of a van that can hold 1 to 4 people. Here are some of the many companies that offers private transfers:

Island Pride Tours

>  Jamaica Exquisite Transfer and Tours 

Jamaica Airport Transfers and Tours

Montego Bay Airport Transfers

>  Turner Taxis and Tours Jamaica

Island Transfer and Tours

Luxurious Carib Tours and Taxi Jamaica  

>  Native Tours Jamaica  

>  Karandas Tours 

Note: Shared van transfers between Kingston and Montego Bay and their airports, hotels, and resorts is not available.

Most transfer van companies will also offer sightseeing tours from Kingston hotels to the Montego Bay area and from Montego Bay resorts and hotels to the Kingston area. This type of sightseeing service can be arranged in the arrival area at either airport, by telephone, or e-mail directly with the transfer company. Tours can also be arranged by your resort or hotel in Jamaica. Sightseeing tours between Kingston and Montego Bay will always take a full day as the travel times between the two cities is about 4 hr. one way (about 8 hr. round trip).


There is no train service between Montego Bay and Kingston.