Port-au-Prince travelers will find that a number of attractions in the area worth exploring, not the least of which are the local museums.  The top pick museum for most travelers is the Musee du Pantheon National (AKA the National Museum) which is a history museum educating travelers about the range of influential experiences occurring in the area over time, beginning with the conquering of the area’s natives by the Spanish explorers.  It is housed in a beautiful mansion on top of the hillside, in one of the best neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince ( http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g14... ), offering visitors not only the information it contains within but also a sweeping view of the Port-au-Prince from above.

Although the history museum is the place which draws in the most tourists, there is also a National Museum of Art which is a home to ancient and modern art from the area.   This museum is located in downtown Port-au-Prince, so it is more accessible to travelers in terms of getting there.   However, this neighborhood is considered more dangerous than the one where the main National Museum is located.   (See http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g14... for safety information.) Travelers interested in art but concerned about their safety may prefer to check out the Museum of Haitian Art.