Travelers seeking to enjoy the Port-au-Prince nightlife should make sure that they are highly aware of their surroundings while they are out.  There are some travel safety concerns in the area and risks increase exponentially during the night hours, when the grittier areas of Port-au-Prince see high levels of street crime.  More information about safety in the area is available at .  More information about the neighborhoods of the area is accessible at .

With this in mind, many people head to the nearby suburb neighborhood of Petionville ( ) to enjoy the nightlife in safety.  The best locations for experiencing the nightlife, whether in Petionville or within the Port-au-Prince proper are the hotels which often have live entertainment and are always the safest locations for travelers.  La Villa Creole is widely considered one of the best Port-au-Prince hotels; information on this and other accommodations which may have entertainment can be accessed at .

Port-au-Prince travelers sometimes venture to other locations in Haiti to experience the local nightlife.  Some adventurous travelers even make their way across the southern crossing in to the Dominican Republic to experience nightlife over there.  Information on these options is available at .  It is recommended that travelers who do this find accommodations near where they are staying rather than trying to get back to Port-au-Prince that night.