By plane:  Travelers most commonly reach Port-au-Prince via air.  The airport serving the area is the Toussaint Louverture International Airport ( which is known more commonly as the Port-au-Prince International Airport.  The airport is served by numerous major airlines which can be further explored at their website. You can also book your connecting flight directly with a regional airline (ie. ) before arriving at the airport so as to avoid lengthy queues due to a first-come-first serve policy.

Upon airport arrival:  Travelers will find that ground transportation from the Port-au-Prince International Airport is easy to navigate.  Many hotels offer shuttle services for the convenience of their guests.  Public transportation, car rental and taxi hire are all options with the latter being the one most recommended, as it is inexpensive and efficient.  Visitors should be able to find the taxis at the airport taxi stands, but those people needing help identifying them should look at the front mirror of passing cars; taxis will have a red ribbon hanging there.  It should be noted that these taxis are not personal taxis but rather collective taxis meaning that travelers ride with others heading towards the same or nearby hotels.

Via Dominican Republic :   Travelers who do not fly directly in to Port-au-Prince most frequently come to the area after visiting the Dominican Republic.   These travelers cross from the Dominican Republic via the area’s south crossing which leads directly in to the heart of Port-au-Prince.