The rich history of Haiti ( ) is visible throughout the island even today but travelers wishing to experience an education in that history during their Haitian vacation should be sure to check out the following museums:

  • Musee de Guahaba ( – This is a historical museum with a slant towards philanthropic assistance in Haiti.  It details the influence of various groups of people on the natives and imported slaves of Haiti and explains the affect this influence has had on life in the area.
  • Museum of Haitin Art offers visitors a visual display of the art of the local people of Haiti.  Paintings from long ago are exhibited aside paintings from locals working the area today.  This museum is located in the College of St. Pierre which is, itself, worth exploring in order to experience today’s local Haitian culture.
  • Musee du Pantheon National is a historical museum located in a beautiful old mansion on top of one of Haiti’s larger hills.  This museum includes the dress and art of the early people of the area and its location affords a terrific view of today’s Haiti.
A complete listing of museums located throughout the Caribbean and including Haiti can be found at .