If there is a place in St. George where you will see, hear, taste, smell and touch the lushness of a town is its main market. It is like a Mexican Tianguis but more colorful, noisy and smelly. Because you’ll find every imaginable species, specially those that have been used for centuries to make the rum that has given the island its fame: nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and ginger.

As you hear the venfors offering their goods at the market, every word is an invitation to taste, to buy (be sure to have the EC national currency or small dollar bills); you will be tempted with: watery coconuts, bananas of all kinds, grapefruits, oranges, guavas, okra, callable and sugar apples.

And you willfind the most exotic island’s produces with their very exotic names: soursops, saffron (a turmeric root), potatoes of all the unimaginable kinds, Pears (but they are avocados), paw paws, carambolas. Do your homework: when you are at St. George's main market, guess which fruits these are. Saturday is the best day to go.