Families will certainly enjoy St. George. And there are plenty of activities that parents and kids will love.

Everybody in the family loves the beach? Try Grand Anse Beach coastline, south of St. George. With its white sand and breathtaking view, it is said to be one of Caribbean best stretches of coastline. The rugged coast creates small bays that form secluded beaches. Some beaches are Anse La Roche, L’Anse aux Epines Beach, Magazin Beach, but there are many others. They are easily accessed from the hotels overlooking the sea. They are all perfect for water sports and snorkeling.

Navigating? Board a boat and snorkel in the depth of sea. The kids will delight with the colored fishes and will luckily see the dolphins jump out of the sea as the boat advances.

Land traveling? Grenada’s inland is one of the island best kept secrets. It guards the island’s history and reveals its multi-cultural formation. What about having lunch at an old sugar plantation house? They are the children of the old estates where sugar was grown to produce rum. Rum is still being made following the old recipes and methods.