As befits an island that has won ten Gold Medals at the prestigiuous London, Chelsea Flower Show (Grenada at Chelsea), Grenada has some beautiful gardens and interesting plant nurseries.

Starting from the City of St. Georges, three of Grenada's premier landscaped gardens, are located either in, or in close proximity to, the City. 

Firstly, within the City boundary and just below the ruins of Government House (destroyed during Hurricane Ivan in 2004) is Hyde Park Tropical Garden  This one and a half acre hillside garden is beautifully landscaped with spectacular views over the Lagoon, site of Camper & Nicholson's Port Louis Marina and the South of the island as far as Pointe Saline.

Secondly, travelling about 3/4 of a mile uphill from Hyde Park into  St Pauls, is Sunnyside Garden. This five acre garden is often regarded as Grenada's finest example of a landscaped garden. It has been established for more than 30 years and it has featured in many newspaper and magazine articles as well as a BBC documentary on Grenada at Chelsea.

 Thirdly, sidetracking  from Sunnyside along the ridge at Morne Jaloux is Smithy's Garden. This is a florist's garden and was established by the present owner's mother, after whom it is named.  It provided her with the flowers necessary for her arrangements which were very much in demand. The family tradition of flower arranging has carried on down to her daughter and grandaughter and Smithy's Garden continues to be the source of many beautiful flower arrangements up to the present time.

Before backtracking to St Pauls, close to Smithy's Garden is Kool Nursery and Garden Centre where visitors can see a variety of the tropical plants that are on offer to local gardners. Back to St Pauls and continuing uphill is Bay Gardens. This is a botanical rather than landscaped garden. The original owner gathered more than 3,000 different species of plants and planted them in a natural rain forest setting. Bay Gardens was renowned for it's diversity of plants but unfortunately suffered two major blows from which it has not fully recovered. The death of it's creator and the devastation wrought by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. 

Continuing uphill a short distance from Bay Gardens is  De La Grenade Nutmeg Garden. This garden gives visitors a sampling of the fruits, herbs and spices which De La Grenade Industries, adjacent to the garden, use in the production of jams, jellies, liqueurs and sauces. De La Grenade pioneered the use of the fleshy outer shell of the nutmeg, which was normally discarded, to make their products.

The next garden on the continued uphill journey is Gemrose Eden. This garden was formerly part of a spice estate and is an exotic mix of flowers and spices cascading down the side of a hill to a stream below.  

The final stop on the uphill journey is Laura Herb and Spice Garden the home of the Minor Spices Co-operative, where  the aroma of a variety of herbs and spices is everywhere in their garden and spice tree groves.

Backtracking to St. Georges and heading  Northwards in the direction of the Grand Etang, a side road leads to St Rose Nursery. This nursery probably contains the most extensive variety of tropical plants in the Caribbean.  The owner has for many years been a key part of the award winning Grenada at Chelsea team.

Returning to the road over the Grand Etang the next stop is Balthazar Estate. Nestling beside the Balthazar River, Balthazar is the home to a plantation of spectacular heliconias and ginger lilies which are grown for export. These flowers are also a key component of the Grenada at Chelsea displays.

Finally, returning to St Georges and striking up the West Coast Road after about 7 miles is Jessamine Eden Garden. This is Grenada's newest garden and is still a work in progress.

A number of Grenada's gardens are part of private homes and can be seen by appointment only. Please check with their web sites, your hotel activities desk or simply phone so that you will not be disappointed. 

Tour operators which offer garden tours are Sunsation Tours and Caribbean Horizons