Grenada has a new activity - River Tubing.  If you have been to the Caribbean Islands of Jamaica and Dominica before, its a similar activity to the ones there, but the rivers are narrower, which means the ride is single file, faster and loads of fun - a natural water slide.  The Adventure River Tubing is located at Balthazar Estate, approx. 20 minutes drive from the East Coast town of Grenville.

Its is an activity that can be enjoyed by the  family, recommended for kids 8 years and over.  You are provided with safety helmet and flotation aids.... a must as you ride on your river tube close to rocks.  Guides are always at hand to assist along the river course. Would recommend that you wear your swim suit, a t-shirt and water shoes.

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Their website is very comprehensive.

The River Tubing opportunity may be available as a shore excursion on your ship.  The tubing experience is similar to that in Dominica, with interesting rapids, although a bit shorter in duration.  In Jamaica, tubing is a more relaxing float.  All of it is fun!  The guides in Grenada are very friendly, professional, and helpful.  Look for cruise tours featuring tubing in Grenada and sign up early, as space is likely to be limited.