For beach bums, sunbathers and those looking to spend the time around the resorts your feet will get you where you need to be. And at night various taxicabs can get you to the area’s vibrant nightlife and back safely to your hotel.

Driving should ONLY be done with extreme caution as the roads vary from decent to downright poor around the Samana Peninsula. Rental cars are available from the airports as well as from the nearby resorts. If you must get behind the wheel consider opting for the more expensive SUV, which will be better suited to the area’s roads. The smaller compacts can be uncomfortable and many lack air conditioning, which is almost a necessity in the summer heat.

Driving at night is not recommended, as roads are poorly marked and even more poorly lit. The public bus system is complicated but can get you to the various attractions and nearby sights during the day, but taxis are really the best bet after the sun goes down.

If you’re looking to spend the day exploring the nearby countryside then consider a mountain bike rental. The roads are rough but there are numerous cycling paths and trails around the area and the villages and towns are close enough that you’re never too far from civilization.