The year round temperature in the Dominican Republic is warm and mostly sunny. There is generally little difference in weather between the seasons and while there is a wetter season, most of the year the peninsula of Samana is still basked in the warm Caribbean sun.

The summer months overlap with the wet season, which is consistent with hurricane season, running from May to November, and this can include significant periods with heavy rainfall on the peninsula. This is a little misleading because while there can be rain, it is generally quick and passing. And except for when hurricanes and tropical storms pass through, the island gets plenty of warm sun.

The summer is warm with average temperatures around 80 degrees. It can climb up to 90 during the daylight hours and fall to the mid 70s after the sun goes down. This makes for ideal time on the white sandy beaches.

The winter is the “other season,” and things can cool down by a few degrees. It is a bit drier with a few periods rain. Northeasters and other North Atlantic storms can beat down on the Caribbean and cause some cooling. The island of Hispaniola serves as the upper edge of the ocean and thus the northern Samana Peninsula does suffer from un-seasonal weather when this happens. But the rest of the time it is a true paradise.