Nightlife In Punta Cana

Map of the area can be seen here

MANGU: Located in the Grand Occidental Flamenco Resort , this is the world famous disco with two floors of amazing music to satisfy all your fantasies. Mangu is a dream world that is quite unforgettable. The first floor will get you moving with beautiful Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton and Hip-Hop music. A lot of Latin and Caribbean influence on this level.  Sometimes the famous "Rollerblader" may come downstairs on the stage or do some breakdancing on the dance floor. This level of the disco is awesome! You will never stop dancing unless you need to quench your thirst with another drink ,from the sexy bar tenders. As you start to walk up the "Stairway to Heaven" you will hear some sexy House beats spinning. They also play some Trance, many other styles of House and some Techno beats. This place is a dream world with a VIP lounge with low white leather couches , a raised DJ Booth, and the bar area lit with purple neon lights, They have white cloth tied together like a swing for when the shows are put on by the dancers.  This disco is truly one to meet a million of your fantasies im one night! The dancers are so fun and love to put on a show for everyone. Once you get on the dance floor it is hard to leave beacuse it is such a fun place. Dance from dusk till dawn! There are many other surprises this disco brings to the people, so if you go to Dominican Republic  in the Bavaro area, you must go to Disco Mangu. It would be a shame if you passed this amazing opportunity by!

Ladies if you go there single you can expect to get attention from the many Dominican men who attend the disco. This bar attracts many locals and tourists. It is the # 1 disco in Punta Cana! It opens at 11 pm and doesn't close until people start clearing out. Check out their official website at

 Mangu Disco Bar

DISCO PACHA: Located in the Riu Resorts, this disco club is one of the first to become a big attraction for the ones who love the nightlife. With concerts of local famous bands and an eccentric combination of International and Caribbean rhythms, it is a guarantee for you to experience the night of your life.  Request your favorite cocktail and let yourself be driven by the rhythms.

AREITO: Located in Caribe Club Princess this is one of the newest discos to the Punta Cana Area.  Decorated with Indigenes elements and Aborigine cultural objects and just by the name you will see why this disco is a favorite “The dance of the Gods”. In that spirit you can enjoy the most exclusive atmosphere.  With live shows and events that are organized all the time one knows that you will have a fulfilled night. 

UNA MAS: Located across from the princess tower casino this is the Newest lounge in Punta Cana. With the style of new york and glam of europe it is sure to be the next hot spot in the DR. With a special VIP area like no other, and music that is constantly updated, you will be sure to be impressed. Very close to some of the other clubs so easy access from almost anywhere you are. Try there house special shot called NO MAS you'll understand the meaning after you take one!  

PUNTA CANA BAR CRAWL: the first bar crawl run in Punta Cana. Tourists will be taken to 4-5 among the best bars/clubs in the area enjoying free shots, drink discounts, free entries and more. Tickets 10 USD$