There are rums in literally all countries of the world, but only one place to find genuine Dominican rum! And that is right here! There are 6 major prodcers of rum and some lesser known operations. Most common to any part of the country are the products of Brugal, Barcelo and Bermudez. Along with the multiple bottles they produce, other quality brands include Macorix, Siboney and Don Rhum. In this counrty...if they sell water...they sell rum, and if they don't sell water...not to worry...they still sell rum!

Rums such as Macorix 8 year, Bermudez 1852 and Don Armando as well as Don Rhum come in boxes that make transporting back home much more convenient, as well as looking better when presenting a bottle as a gift.

Prices for rum vary, often most expensive at resort gift shops and areas supported by tourism. Cheapest locations are often at a Super Mercado (Super Market) or Colmado (Corner Store), but for many, this requires a taxi ride to get to. Waiting until you get to the airport is often your most expensive option when it comes to rum.

There is a rum refered to as Dominican gasoline....most notible by it's 151 labeling. This is about as much alcohol as you are going to find in a bottle. Not particularly great tasting, its ability to render you a babbling idiot is what it is all about! One warning though...most airlines will not allow 151 onboard regardless of its checked lugguage or not.

Also, when it comes to transporting rum back home, please remember to pack your purchases in you checked lugguage...not your carry on. The will not permit you to take it onboard.

Many of the rums sold, come in smaller bottles as well, making it easy to sample a bottle without wasting any! Nothing worse than spending money on something you simply do not like!

North Coast
In Sosua at Super Super Liquors at the corner of Pedro Clisante and Ayuntamiento streets has the best prices in town. The Brugal factory is located in the east end of the city and is a major tourist attraction.
East Coast
Punta Cana / Bavaro, offers no shortage of opportunities to buy rum. If you wish to save a buck, supermercados are the places to be, but keep in mind, most will require an expensive cab ride, thus you should factor that into your purchases. Cheapest prices and best selection can be found at Super Mercado Estrella located on what many refer to as Friusa.

South Coast
San Pedro de Macoris, right at the Macoris Rum factory.