There is more than one type of taxi in Republica Dominicana. These are your options:

- Tourist taxi, you'll find it when you exit the airport or your hotel. It is a Hyundai beige car or mini bus. Passengers pay a more expensive fare, but they are very safe.

- Carro Concho, they are very popular in the big cities. They work as buses, stopping for passengers, they are cheaper that tourist taxis. They are good if you travel a short distance.

- Moto Conchos, they charge you double fare at mights (20 pesos) They are not very safe.

- Taxis RS (Eafael Silva SA) provide a reliable service, for a fair fixed price. You will know how much it is before your departure. It is a good way to travel with no car rental problems (no risk insurance policy, no deposit, no risk while driving in a country with very "special" rules), no orientation problems, and no waste of time. You can make reservations in advance and over the Internet..

  Renting a car in the Dominican republic has gotten much safer in the  last few years with the construction of the new highways connecting the major cities. Driving in the cities is still a little confusing. Rates have come down as there are all the major brands are here. To name a few:

Avis, National,

There are numerous private transfer companies . Below is a‚ list ..

- Amstar,com

- Prestige Limousine Service [] ‚ Vans/ 2015 Suburbans/Sedans Punta Cana Transfers Santo Domingo shuttle

- Servicios Turisticos Universal ( offers taxi and transportation services from all Dominican Airports to any hotel. Free Wifi and soft drinks included.