Public transportation is said to be hazardous and chaotic. But, that is not quite the case.

You have the Gua-guas, they are local buses, and, yes, many are quite worn out vehicles, but you can have a taste of everyday life in La Romana. There is a new line valled Conatra with newer models and air conditioned units. Gua guas are labeled where they are headed and you will have no problem in getting the correct one. Don't hesitate to ask the driver.

Old and new ones are a cheap way to travel (they will take you to the next town for a dollar). Make the math: a bus from the nearest stop at the airport (public transportation has been banned from airports, so you need to take a taxi to the nearest bus stop) to La Romana costs 165 pesos ($4.75). A taxi would charge you approximately $ 80.

A drawback: buses don't run after dark.

Carro Concho are very popular in the big cities. They work as buses, they run along avenues stopping for passengers, they are cheaper than tourist taxis and more expensive than buses. They are good if you travel a short distance.

It is a good idea to have specific route information; the best way: ask the locals or at the hotel.