In La Romana, you will feel enjoy real tropical weather year round. Guaranteed. Being the average annual temperature 25°C or 77 Farenheit, a short and a T- shirt, or a light dress (or a cotton pants) will be more than enough clothing to get around during the day. At night, you wil enjoy the ocean breeze that will cool down the air. Grab a light sweater.

It rains all over the year, sun will mix with clouds which give a break to the hot sun. There is a wet season, from May to November when it will rain almost every day.

Expect cyclones between June and November. Monitor the local news for the latest updates and safety precautions issued by the local government.

But, surprise! You can have your share of cold if you decide to travel around and visit the mountains that run along the central part of the island. Be sure to pack a light pullover if you plan to visit the mountains.

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