You will need to take some precautions that may contradict your idea of safety.

Buses are safer than taxis and rental cars. Why? Unless you take a taxi with a fixed route, you will need to negotiate the price if you don't want to pay a fortune for a trip. This process can be quite stressful as negotiations can be endless and be prepared to reach a deal that won't benefit you!

The only problem with buses is that they stop operating at about 9 at night, so you can't use them at night.

Regarding rental cars, safety shouldn't be a problem if you drive knowing that there are no rules. Accordingly, that if there is an accident the process that follows can be exhausting and upsetting as law enforcement is weak.

On the other hand, you should be safe walking in town and in tourist areas during the day. Most resorts hire security personnel, and you’ll see that beaches are patrolled. At night, the situation changes a bit but you need to take the precautions you would take in your own hometown. Be careful not to wear expensive jewels or show around or talk about large amounts of money.