To answer these questions, the answer is always YES! There are many great excursions to take and lots of stuff to see and do. Why just lay on the beach for 2 weeks when you can do as Chrisopher Columbus did and explore the Dominican's north coast.

Individual tour operator's home pages are as follows:

for the Catamaran Tour try http://www.caribbeanoceanadventures.c...

for the Safari Tour try

for the Paradise Island Tour try, or

explore the countryside on horse at Wise Mountain Retreat

There are many other tours to take but these three are definitely the best ones of the bunch, there are whale watching trips to Samana and Dolphin Encounters in Ocean World, but if you want to see the real Dominican, these three tours top the list.

Be diligent in your search and understand that all tours have a base price, and the price you pay will include an added commission for the seller. These commissions vary depending on the seller's position. For instance the airline's tour handlers will see you first and they will grab the highest commission. Then there are the private sellers in the Plaza, they will also sell you a tour, but it may be a 'generic' tour, so you will have to do some research here before you buy. They will also have a smaller commission so the price will be less than the Airline and their reps will charge.  Then you will definitely be approached by the pirates on the beach, be wary of these sellers, only because if there is any dispute you will have no recourse. And they will often sell you what appears to be a high end tour, but may end up being a pale copy of the real thing.