If you want to buy excursions while on vacation in Playa Dorada or Costa Dorada hotel complex, you can purchase excursions almost anywhere, but be careful. only buy from people who have a permanent location in case you have some problems with your trips. All trips have can have the occasional problem regardless from where you buy it from. Make sure to buy from someone who will stand by what he sells you and that they are easy to find if you have a problem. In other words, don't buy trips from bartenders, taxis guides or people just walking around promising you a cheap trip (common sense should warn you of that!). There are only four ways to honestly buy trips while you are on vacation. 

1.  Hotel - they have first shot at you on your arrival in their rep meetings. Be very careful of these guys, not all of them are bad but a lot of them like to scare the tourists into only buying from them and not leaving the hotel. Ask anyone who is been out of the hotel and they will tell you the real truth. Read the reviews here on the hotel stays. People leave all the time and have a great time.  They also like to say other companies don't have license or insurance, which is also misleading. Only a couple of companies fall under that category and they are just local companies you should have not bought from in the beginning. The hotel trips are the most expensive, even though they are good trips; for example Paradise Island is sold for around 100 dollars per person. 

2. Beach sellers - they have the second shot at you when you go to the beach.  Be careful of these guys too. Problem is they are just walking around, if you have a problem with the trip, where do you find him? And some of the trips you buy are of the cheapest quality just so they make more commission. They are only cheaper than the hotels, but are still expensive; example, Paradise Island is sold for around 90 dollars on the beach. There are lots of beach sellers and they harass you all day. The best thing to say is you already bought your trips; then they will leave you alone.

3. The plaza in Playa Dorada - you can find some really good bargains; example Paradise Island is about 80 dollars here. They talk to you last so they are cheaper and the can compete with the hotel and the beach sellers. But you still have to be careful with these guys too.  They are cheaper and make less on commission and they compete with each other fiercely. The might sell you a cheaper trip, but leave something out so they can make a little more commission; not always but sometimes. They also may sell you a trip of low quality, but not very often; at least not the respectable companies. Beware of black and white copies of brochures, they can also indicate low quality.

4. Online - You can get your excursions online through the operator's own website, although these prices will be just as high as the hotels and tour company representatives.

The best thing to remember is to use your common sense, regardless of what your doing while on vacation. Remember you are in a foreign country.