Visitors to Cabarete can learn to enjoy many water-sports including: wind surfing, surfing, and kitesurfing - where you fly a kite and use a small board to ride over the ocean.  Cabarete has brisk trade winds, so it's a popular destination for enthusiasts of this sport.  Kitesurfers  travel to Cabrete from all over to experience the incredible conditions.

Also in Cabarete, the Parque Nacional has horseback riding.  Although the horses are very small, and the ride is mostly uphill on rocky mountain, once you get to the top (they call it "Paradiso", meaning "heaven") you enjoy a great view from the mountaintop.  There's also a small palapa-type structure at the top where the guide will let you sample local fruits.  The guides speak very little English, though, so you're much better off if you can communicate in Spanish.

 Additionally in the National Park are the Caves of Cabarete - a fantastic thing to see, bring your bathing suit for freshwater swimming at the bottom of the deepest cave!

 Or mountain biking, cascading (climbing up waterfalls then jumping down them again), or canyoning (hiking in the river, rapelling and jumping off rock formations) are also great options.

 Wakeboarding in the River Yasica, Kayaking in Cabarete Bay, Boogie Boarding, Laser Sailing, Catamaran Sailing 

 Cabarete is a sports town -  if you love sports, you will love Cabarete