Located in between Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica's climate is classified as humid and tropical. The island receives northeast trade winds and heavy rainfall.

Weather in the Caribbean is warm all year round making Roseau the ideal winter getaway. The average temperature lies at very comfortable degrees as in the mid 70s to 80s. December and January are ideal times as the hurricane season has ended and they are the driest months of the year. Because of this, the high/tourist season in Roseau is December through April as it tends to have the safest weather and features some of these great festivities. Whenever you arrive, chances are the sun will be shining over the turquoise blue waters. Also during December, the Carnival celebration runs from December through Ash Wednesday and brings a major spike in tourism as visitors want to celebrate this colorful event and thankfully during this time, weather has considerably calmed down since the earlier months of hurricane season.

In general the more dangerous months to travel to the Caribbean are from June through November which is hurricane season. If you are traveling during a period that is at higher risk for a hurricane, always check with the National Weather Service's Hurricane Watch center for updates. These months also see an abundance of rainfall; Dominica has one of the highest averages of precipitation in all the Caribbean.