Getting tourist board information right before and even during your vacation in Roseau, Dominica can really help you benefit from the most up-to-date details about the region you are visiting. Perhaps there is a festival occurring that is new on the calendar that a tourist board can help you with.

Dominica has a great online tourist board full of information to help you plan your trip. The site is full of helpful information to get you prepared for a vacation in Dominica and has an updated event calendar. Roseau does not have an official online tourist board, but the city is covered within the Dominica site.   Also, there is an information office at each of the airports (Melville Hall Airport - code DOM is the most likely one you will land at) and on the Bayfront in Roseau, to service the Roseau Ferry Terminal and the Roseau Cruise Ship Terminal.  Stop in at the information office to request information including brochures and advise on where to go and what to do while in Dominica.  

More information on Dominica can be requested on the telephone

The United States Government has a Consular Information page dedicated to the Commonwealth of Dominica  which is full information regarding the current political climate on the island and in the Caribbean, safety and health concerns as well as the law differences. Checking with your own government or the host country's embassy is always a good idea before traveling to make sure you meet all of the entry-requirements. The U.S. government provides a list of requirements on the Consular Information page.  The government also provides a tipsheet on health conditions and precautions for travelers to the Caribbean islands; click here to be directed.

Remember that no matter what way you arrive to Dominica, customs need to be cleared.