Willemstad is enjoyable all throughout the year and visitors will find that they won’t be lacking for something to do no matter when they plan their trip; however, for visitors interested in enjoying some of the events which locals enjoy in the area, there are a few annual happenings which should be known.  These festivals and events happening every year throughout the year include:

  • Curacao Salsa Tour is an annual summer event occurring at the end of July or beginning of August.  This event is a week of fun which includes DJ’s, performing artists and workshops with daytime and nighttime beach activities.
  • Easter Monday Parade is an annual event which honors the music and dance of the original settlers of the area surrounding Willemstad.  The parade is a modern spin on the ancient march which was performed in the spring to recognize the growth of crops in the area.
  • Karnaval is an eight week mardi gras type celebration which kicks off the beginning of every year in Willemstad.
  • Tourism Week is the time when visitors can come and be honored by the locals of Willemstad who recognize the importance of tourism in the area with events specifically for tourists.  This week happens in September of each year.
  • Plein Air Curacao International Art Festival (http://www.pleinaircuracao.com) is held during the first week of March, when artists from all over the world paint outdoors at various locations on Curacao. Some artists even paint underwater. Workshops, exhibitions and a competition are part of the festival as well.