Trips to Willemstad are generally planned around the daytime activities and attractions offered in the area.  However, there is much to do at any time in Willemstad and visitors seeking nightlife options in the area should have no problem keeping themselves entertained.  Guests are reminded that local hotels and resorts often have bars located in their lobbies and sometimes offer live entertainment so visitors should check with hotel staff when first checking in to their accommodations.

Visitors can find a complete guide to nightlife and late dining options at .  Popular nightlife choices include:

  • Amstel Brewery ( ) is the home of the famous beer company’s production site.  Visitors can kick off evening drinking with a late afternoon tour here.
  • Avalon – This sushi restaurant gets things going in the evening with sake and specialty martinis.  Travelers who drink alcohol can ease in to the night by getting started here first.
  • Blues Restaurant – This bar located in the Avila hotel offers live jazz and blues music for the entertainment of guests and other travelers in the area.
  • Club Zen ( ) is a favorite dance club / disco in the area where travelers of a younger adult age can spend most of the night in the company of others.
  • Mambo Beach is near Lions Dive Hotel.  The food is excellent.  They have live music on Fridays.  A man and women sing 80's disco music.  They are really fun to listen to.  During their breaks, they play disco music as well.  They have a nice dance floor.  It is all ages with a heavy Dutch tourist population
  • Wet and Wild is also near Lions Dive Hotel.  It is the place for young people to go on Sunday evenings (6ish until fairly late).  It is mostly 18 to 30 year olds. There are a lot of Dutch tourists and students who work on the island.