Visitors seeking to obtain information about everything from accommodations and attractions in Willemstad to details of upcoming annual events or suggestions on the best items to buy while in the area should visit the main office of the Curacao Tourist Board (  The main office is located just outside of Willemstad, at Pietermaai 19 and should be relatively easy to locate and access by rental car.  Visitors can check Google Maps ( for more specific directions from their hotel location or they can ask their local hotel staff who should be knowledgeable about the location of the tourist center.  Visitors can also contact the office directly by email at or by phone at 599 9 434 82 00.

The Curacao Tourist Board has the interests of visitors as its main purpose.  To that end, they offer a comprehensive information website ( to assist visitors in getting all of their travel needs met.  Visitors will find that a wealth of information about Willemstad itself, as well as about the surrounding area, is available both on the website and at the local office.  Visitors interested in obtaining information about Willemstad before their trips should visit the website.  Those visitors will also find that there are several regional offices of the Curacao Tourist Board located throughout the world to make planning a trip to Willemstad relatively easy.