Curacao is home to several different historic neighborhoods which visitors should make it a point to explore during their vacation in the area.  The majority of the interesting historic neighborhoods are located in or around Willemstad.  The two main neighborhoods of Willemstad (although they are called districts locally) are Punda and Otrobanda.  Just outside of Willemstad are two suburb-style neighborhoods: Pietermaai and Scharloo, both of which are recognized for their historical residential mansions.  Tourists often like to take a drive through these neighborhoods to get a sense of the old luxury life of Curacao.

Punda is the neighborhood on the eastern side of the St. Anna Bay in Willemstad. This area is reported to have changed very little since it was first created, making visitors feel as though they step back in time when they explore the narrow streets and historic forts of the neighborhood.  Otrobanda, which translates literally to “the other side”, lies across the St. Anna Bay on the western side of Willemstad.  This is typically considered to be a more artistic, bohemian, and diverse neighborhood than Punda and is enjoyed by tourists for its winding streets and large residential homes.

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