Anyone who has been to Cuba will know that it is not exactly shopping heaven! Havana has more shops that most places but even here, don't be surprised to see queues of locals waiting to get into a shop. One of the best shops is Via Uno for those shoeaholics. The prices are good and if you're wondering where the locals get their impossibly high heels and bling, this is probably the place. Otherwise, check out the street market near the castle for souvenirs and presents.

Whilst this is true, the art shops and art markets are where travelers can buy interesting art very cheaply.  The artists in Havana exhibit a freedom in style and stunning use of colour.  Outdoor markets in Old Havana display oils on canvas and they are cheap but negotiate.  Several stores also sell art some low quality but some is high quality and expensive.  Its also possible to buy watercolours - large and small.  Be sure to get a certificate for art pieces you want to take out of the country.