Break out the walking shoes; Havana is a city of pedestrians. Most of the biggest attractions, especially in Old and Centro Havana, are relatively close together, and walking will give you a taste of the city from a citizen’s viewpoint. It’s hard to get lost, considering most of the streets are neatly organized into grids. Of the few people in Havana who have cars (and aren’t tourists), even fewer have vehicles that are in perfect working condition. However, when you are on foot, make sure to stop and admire the cars you do see – many are skillfully restored models from the 1950s.

It’s also possible to travel around Havana in a rented bicycle, which is a nice way to exercise and sightsee at the same time. The only drawback is that bicycle theft is fairly common, so if you get off your bike you need to make sure it is locked and preferably within eyesight at all times.

Because cars are rare, residents of Havana hitchhike regularly. If you are driving, know that hitchhikers here are far more common than in most cities – in other words, it is usually perfectly safe to offer someone a ride, if you wish. However, trust your gut and if someone looks suspicious, avoid letting him or her into your car.

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Some spots in Old Havana

Hop-On Hop Off bus stops

 Old Havana historical buildings

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*NEW*  5 CUC Havana Bus Tours

5 CUC Havana Tour Bus

3 new double-decker (open-top) tourist buses circulate in Habana :

For 5 CUC you can get on and off these buses as many times as you want, they have 63 stops in total.

3 Main routes :
* T1 Alameda de Paula (Railway Station) to Plaza de la Revolucion
* T2 Plaza de la Revolucion to Marina Hemingway
* T3 Alameda de Paula upto Playas del Este -3CUC 20 mins to the beach.

T1 T2T3