There are 700+ wifi hotspots around Cuba. You will need to buy an access card which allows you to access the internet. If you buy from an official source (look for the company called “ETECSA" aka Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A.”),   it is 2CUC for 1 hr, or 10CUC for 5 hrs. At popular wifi hotspots you might find people selling cards – usually 1CUC more for a 1 hr card (ie 3CUC in total). You can identify wifi hotspots when you see a bunch of people gathered together, all staring at their phones. 

 If you have a smart phone, especially an iPhone, update every app, because the Apple App store is blocked in Cuba. If you have a VPN that can mask your location, download that too. Also open the map of Cuba in Google maps on your phone so that it will be naturally loaded into your phone. Then you will have an electronic offline map to use while walking the streets of Habana!







You will need 50 CUC to get out of Havana .  25 CUC for taxi (hopefully shared) AND 25 CUC PER PERSON in NON NEGOTIABLE Airport Tax.