The airport in Kralendijk is called the Flamingo International Airport , and most tourists go through this airport when they arrive on the island. Depending on the departure city, the flights to this airport can be either long or short. For example, flights from Aruba , Curacao , or Caracas are thirty minutes or less. A flight from Miami , Florida is only about two and a half hours, and a flight from New York City is about five hours.

Upon arrival, there are several means of transportation that tourists can use to get around. The most popular choices are rental cars, bicycles, motorcycles, taxis and busses.

Tourists from anywhere in the United States , Canada and anywhere in Europe can rent a car on the island as long as they have a valid driver’s license from their home country. One of the most important things to remember while driving in Kralendijk is that there may be animals (such as goats and donkeys) in the road at any time.

Bicycles and motorcycles can be rented, and information about this can be obtained upon arrival in the airport. Taxis are quite easy to find and the fares are supposed to be set but can be negotiable. Information about tour busses can be found in most of the island’s hotels.