Bridgetown is famous as a cricket city, and the Kensington Oval, its stadium, is known world-wide.  Kensington Oval has been the host of many important cricket matches and is to be the site of the 2007 Cricket World Cup.  The Kensington Oval began hosting matches in the 1880's between British and West Indies teams. Today the stadium holds 28,000 people.  The Oval also holds events other than cricket such as football (soccer) games, beauty pageants, and rock concerts.  Visitors to Bridgetown who are interested in seeing a cricket game or some other event at the Kensington Oval can get schedules at local shops and at hotels.  

For those who don't just want to be spectators, Bridgetown also offers a number of activities for travelers.  The area's resorts take advantage of their warm Caribbean locations to offer guests snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, wind surfing, and beach volleyball among other sports.  The city also has public golf courses and tennis courts.