Being in the topical Caribbean, Bridgetown, Barbados enjoys a warm climate all year long.  Its daytime high temperature averages in the mid 80's, while at night the temperature drops into the high 60's, giving visitors a break from the daytime heat.  Bridgetown does have a rainy season which begins in the late summer and lasts throughout the fall months, dropping off in December.  The winter and spring in Barbados sees very little rain compared to the rest of the year.  Bridgetown is also located in a hurricane zone.  The powerful tropical storms have been known to affect the city in year's past and visitors to the island during hurricane season (June through November) need to be especially aware of weather reports.

Visitors generally come to Bridgetown all year long, but it most popular during the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere.  For an up to date weather forecast of Bridgetown visit MSN Weather.