The lone airport is the Grantley Adams International Airport. Buses run outside the airport going east and west. Either into St. Philip or through Christ Church and into St. Michael and the capital Bridgetown. The bus fare currently stands at $2 BBD and that does not allow any transfer. When arriving and departing, use a taxi, it is a lot easier with luggage etc. It is impossible to avoid commuter traffic. Most international flights arrive between 1pm and 6pm and that is the extremely busy period on highways. The airport is directly in the south so you have an idea.

There is also a helicopter transfer service that runs between the airport and the West Coast. Based outside the Concorde Experience Hangar to the east of the main terminal, it cuts down travel time from over an hour to less than ten minutes by air!

Like any other airport in the world, there is an embarkation/disembarkation card and a customs declaration to be filled out. The customs form is blue and is very simple and the embarkation card/disembarkation card is white and is to be split in two. The embarkation section is to be filled out and handed into Immigration upon arrival and the disembarkation section is to be filled out and handed into Immigration upon departure.

In terms of flights, Barbados is a well serviced airport receiving direct flights from many key cities around the world. The list below goes into detail on the airlines and routes served.

American Airlines: Miami (14 flights weekly i.e. twice daily), New York (daily)

JetBlue: New York (daily)

U.S. Airways: Charlotte (1 flight weekly)

Air Canada: Toronto (7 flights a week from April to November, 9 flights a week from November to April), Montreal (2 flights a week from November to April)

Westjet: Toronto (5 flights a week)

British Airways: London Gatwick (10 flights a week from October to March and 7 flights a week from March to October)

Virgin Atlantic: London Gatwick (7 flights a week), Manchester (1 flight a week;  2 flights a week from November to April)

Condor: Frankfurt (1 flight a week)

Gol Transportes Aéreos: Sao Paulo (1 flight a week)

There are also a litany of charter services from the UK and Canada such as Thomas Cook, Thomson and Air Transat which operate flights between December and April. For the Caribbean region, most flights are provided by LIAT from islands such as Antigua, Grenada, St. Lucia, Trinidad etc. Flights are also provided by Caribbean Airlines from Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana.

The website for the airport is