Here are some suggestions for books about life in Barbados.

Island Memoirs:

1 - Growing Up Stupid under the Union Jack. 

-Pigtails and Breadfruit stories and recipes.

- Polished Hoe.

By Austin Clarke .

2- In The Castle Of My Skin .

By George Lamming

Information About Barbados :

1- Cadogan Guide to The Caribbean and Bahamas .

  -Caribbean Gardens.

 By James Henderson

2- Historic Churches of Barbados .

By H.Fraser and B.Hill.

3 -A - Z Of Barbados Heritage .

By S Carrington, H. Fraser and J. Gilmore.

4- Barbados.

By Roger Labrucherie.

5 - Parish Behind God's Back - a changing rural culture in Barbados.

By G Gmelch and S Gmelch.

Should you have any academic interest in reading about  the history of Barbados then look at  the following for general background  and specfic material

- Richard Dunn " Sugar and Slaves."

-Parry and Sherlock " Caribbean History " .

Also there are a few  publications about   "  The History of Barbados  "  these authors listed here have written   over hundreds of years on this topic

- Ronald Tree .

- Richard Ligon .

- Richard Schomburgk.

and the latest " History of Barbados" by Professor Hilary Beckles .

Ins and Outs of Barbados - An online magazine with an enormous amount of information about Barbados.  It will answer your many questions about what to see & do in Barbados


"The Barbadian Rum Shop"- by Peter Laurie