Brief but important FAQs about Barbados.  (when you edit this, please add the information to the bottom of the section.  dont rewrite what someone else has said to suit your version.  Just  courtesy)

1.  Clothing -  By law, do not bring or wear any clothing with a camouflage pattern on it, regardless of the colour or what it is.  No swimsuits, shorts, shirts, bags, pillows. . NOTHING..  this is a Barbados Government Law.  You may not be arrested, but you will be asked to change, and it may be taken from you.  (If someone finds a Barbados Government  page on this subject please add the information here).

2.  Weather - June - November is Hurricane Season.   December to May is considered Dry Season.  But don't let either of these govern when you come to Barbados as weather has a habit of changing..  See   for more info. 

3.  Getting around - Buses, Taxis, Car Rentals. 

    There are 3 types of Bus Services.  Government (Big Blue Buses) Private Buses (Big Yellow Buses) and Private Mini-Van (smaller White with Burgandy Stripe Vans).  The Fare is BBD$1.50/USD$.75 (if you pay in USD it will be 1.00 as they don't  take U.S change) from the time you get onto any of these until the time you get off.. regardless of where you go or how long you ride the same bus)

   Taxis are plentiful and run on a government controlled rate basis.  However, you may get asked to pay more  if you don't  have any idea what the fare should be..  They quote in Barbados dollars.   Approximate rates can be found at (this information is a couple of years old, so the rates maybe slightly, but not much, higher.)

   Rental Cars - several really great companies to choose from on the island.  Rates shouldn't vary too much.  Try this list

 4. Where to stay (General) - Atlantic Coast - Limited hotel's and restaurants, etc.  Surf is rough and sometimes not swimable.  South Coast - More accommodations, reasonable rates - wave action is moderate depending on where on the South Coast you stay, good selection of restaurants and shopping.  West Coast - known as the Gold Coast - More expensive, more posh, good shopping and restaurants.  Water conditions are mostly flat calm water except when there is a weather system around.   Take a look at  for more in depth information. Barbados offers plenty of luxury vacation rentals for the discerning travalers.

5. Currency - The Barbados dollar is linked to the U.S. dollar. Bank exchange rate is $1.00 USD = $1.98 BDS. Most hotels will change U.S. dollars at a rate of $1.00 USD = $1.95 BDS. It is also possible to simply spend U.S. dollars here without changing them into Barbados dollars. If you do this you can expect an exchange rate of anywhere between $1.95 - $2.00 BDS per one U.S.dollar. You can also spend sterling pounds, but if the individual businesses do not have a current exchange rate you could get a lot less for your sterling than the bank would give you. There is an easy to use exchange web site where you can get current exchange rates. It can be seen here.

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