Southampton and Bermuda in general is considered to be a year round destination.  For the discriminate traveler, weather at different times throughout the year can make a difference in comfort.

            The tropical maritime climate on the islands makes temperatures warm year round.  The hottest time of the year is from July until September when the average high temperatures are in the mid 80’s.  The coldest time of the year is from January until March when the average low temperatures are in the low 60’s.  During these months a light jacket may be necessary in the evenings.  For detailed information, visit Bermuda Weather .     

            Many people visiting the area worry about excessive precipitation during the rainy season.  There is no rainy season as most would consider it.  Entire days are rarely afflicted by torrential downpours.  Skies will turn black and nasty, but will usually clear quickly.  However, there are months with more precipitation than others.  October is statistically the wettest month, with an average of 6.6 inches of rainfall.  Tropical storms are not a major concern either.  Note that on average the US mainland experiences more tropical storms than Bermuda.    

            The busy tourist season is during the northern hemisphere’s summer months.  Low season is from December through February.  Prices will drop noticeably during this time, with some businesses closing all together.