Paget Parish is located in the center of the island.  On the southern side you’ll find the famous Elbow Beach with one section open to the public and the other a private area for guests of the elegant Elbow Beach Hotel.

To the north you’ll find the Salt Kettle.  This lovely bay area is home to the Salt Kettle Guesthouse and Greenbank Cottages; two laid back lodging options on the island.  There is also a ferry stop here to take passengers into Hamilton.

Dining options run the gamut from expensive to affordable. At the top you’ll find Fourways Inn, one of the most expensive and elegant restaurants on in Bermuda. You’ll need reservations for this one.  For a more affordable treat, head for the Paraquet restaurant which adjoins the Paraquet apartments.  This diner serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at reasonable prices.  Try the fish sandwich, it’s delicious.