There are many events that happen in Bermuda throughout the year:

-Cup Match Classic-- Bermuda's biggest party weekend composed of 2 days of cricket matches, local strutting, great street food, and only occurrence of legalised gambling  -- happens the Thursday & Friday before the first Monday every August.   Loads of fun mingling with the locals and getting versed on the rules of cricket. Visit

-PGA Grand Slam of Golf - this takes place  over three days in October at Port Royal Golf Course. Visit

- World Rugby Classic - Annual November event, former pro rugby players from around the world gather to duke it out on the playing field for the title trophy.   Live band and plenty of imbibations cap off every evening of this 2-week event. Visit

- Newport-Bermuda Yacht Race -- This is a biennial event (every OTHER year) and culminates in a big party at the RBYC (Royal Bermuda Yacht Club).   Loads of parties every night and interesting conversations with people from all over the world.  Very fun for the yacht-ie and non-yacht-ie alike.

 The Bermuda Festival - Performances by local and internatiional artiists, musicians, dancers and acting groups take place during January and February. Visit