Everywhere in Bermuda is a day trip!  Even on a slow bus at a busy time, you can get from Hamilton to either end of the island in an hour, and it comes down to 40-45 minutes if you use a scooter. 

Particularly fascinating is the Walsingham Nature Reserve on the east side of Harrington Sound.  On the Harrington Sound Rd., turn in at the gateposts with "Tom Moore's Tavern" signs on them.  A little way down the roadway, there's a small dirt parking lot on the left with a sign identifying the Reserve.  The locals also refer to it as "Tom Moore's Jungle".  And a jungle is just what it is -- the last sizable surviving remnant of what Bermuda looked like to the first shipwreck survivors who landed in the early 1600s.  It's like no other place in Bermuda, and definitely not like any of the other Nature Reserves.  But it's fascinating.  Walking trails wind over the rough rocky surface and through the tangled vegetation.  Good sturdy walking shoes are a necessity. 

The Jungle

For a completely different experience, enter the Reserve next from the other end, the Blue Hole Park, which is on the south side of the road right at the end of the Causeway that crosses over from the main island to the airport and on to St. Georges.  Here a paved path winds through the woods.  Along the way, a short side trail leads to a natural cave mouth in the rock (the whole area is honeycombed with caves) with a small lake in it.  Further along, you come to a larger lagoon which was used many years ago for dolphin shows.  These have now been moved to the Dockyard, but the former "Blue Grotto" still has richly-coloured water and unusual rock formations and caves around its rim.

Blue Grotto

Finally, in between the two ends of the park, is the Crystal Cave/Fantasy Cave tourist attraction.  For anyone except competent cave explorers, this is a great way to see the underside of the upper world you've been exploring.  If you are going to visit the caves, then it is definitely worth the small surcharge to see both of them, for they are quite different from each other and both are very beautiful!

Crystal Cave

 Fantasy Cave

And for lunch in between, the Caves have a small cafe or there's the famous Swizzle Inn pub right on the main road just up the hill from the Blue Hole Park.