The airport in Bermuda has a fleet of taxis that will take you to your hotel. No reservations are required and waiting times are usually not very long unless flights are delayed or several flights land at the same time, which is often the case around lunchtime.  Taxi rates are set by law.

Taxi stands (known as “ranks” in Bermuda) can be found at various locations, including Front Street and Church Street in Hamilton, King’s Square in St George.  Most major hotels also have taxi stands. Hotels and many restaurants will be happy to call taxis for tourists.

Some taxis  provide guided tours of Bermuda.  A blue flag sign on the taxi does not denote that the driver is a qualiftied tour guide, as most taxis are driven by more than one driver and not all will be blue flag certified.  Upon approach ask the driver of the vehicle if they are blue flag trained operator.

Taxis are not very expensive in Bermuda. They compare to New York and London run taxis.  If you are 4 or more travelling they are fair value on a per person basis. Good to  use them if you are  going out dressed up,  to a restaurant. 

Since tourists are not allowed to rent cars in Bermuda, taxis and scooters are the primary means of transportation on the island. Ferries and water taxis are available.

  • Islandwide Taxi (441).334.7665
  • Bermuda Taxi Association (441).296.2121
  • Bermuda Tours (441).534.1797
  • LIBA Tours & So Much More (441).704-7018



Rental Cars are not available in Bermuda. Locals and tourists ride scooters. Cycle liveries rent self-drive scootesr, pedal bikes and ebikes in Bermuda. 

There are 4 main rental organizations


Oleander Cycles and Elbow Beach Cycles are the largest agencies on the Island. Elbow Beach Cycles is the only company with pedelec ebikes.

If you rent a scooter - please remember

  • The local speed limit is 22 mph.
  • Drive responsibly and all you'll take home are great memories.
  • You must wear a Helmet at all times



Bermuda has an excellent ferry system.  From the ferry terminal in Hamilton,  which is on Front Street opposite the "Bird Cage" (every local knows where that is) from there,  you can take what amounts to a pleasure cruise to Somerset,  The Dock Yard and they even have a high speed ferry which runs from April until November out to St.  George.  And on these large ferries,  you can even bring your moped (for a fee of course)   The also have some smaller ferries that stop at some of the smaller warfs all around Hamilton Harbour.  You can purchase a transportation pass there,  and at any of the bus terminals,  they do not accept cash on board.  They have an excellent bus system too.  But if you can get there by ferry, Locals recommend the ferry,  it is calming,  and the scenery is spectacular!  



In Hamilton,  the Bus Terminal is located  near City hall between Church and Victoria Street. Throughout the Island, pink and blue poles or bus shelters denote bus stops.



Private mini bus service is now offered in Bermuda. They  can take up to 15 passengers and rates are $3 per parish per person.

 Tour rates are approximately $10 per person/ hr. There are  few  good mini bus services around including


  • Gar Transport
  • Beach Buggy (441)-704-0509