If you are interested on special art. In the Inti Store you can see amazing art: The masks line the walls – faces emblazoned with stripes and flowers streamlined with hues of crimson, muted blue, and golden yellow. The expressions they wear are countless – staring, frowning, and grinning – their mischievous eyes waiting to tell a story. Visit it on the second floor of the Royal Plaza mall it will will be an unforgettable experience.

Travelers who are interested in experience nighttime entertainment in the form of live theater, live music and other live performances are in luck when it comes to traveling to Oranjestad.  The casinos of Oranjestad are increasingly adding live entertainment and Vegas-style shows to their establishments in order to meet the interests of a wide range of guests to the area.  The local area also offers performing arts activities which may be enjoyed by visitors.

The most popular casino show in Oranjestad is Let’s Go Latin, a high-energy entertainment performance playing nightly Monday through Saturday at the Renaissance Resort.   More information is available at http://www.letsgolatin.com/ .  

In terms of local performing arts, the venue which is most popular is Cas di Cultura ( www.casdicultura.com) Visitors can see almost any type of performance here that suits their fancy, including comedy, dance, concerts, plays, musicals, and special events.  The venue is located at Vondellan 2 and can be reached by phone at (297) 582-1010.

For performing arts which are more traditional to the area surrounding Oranjestad, visitors should make sure to visit the Tuesday Night Bonbini Festival, a musical dance performance located at Fort Guzman.  This show only costs $3 is relatively inexpensive dining is available on site.