The Oranjestad bus system, Arubus ( is the most popular method of public transportation both within the Oranjestad area and throughout the island of Aruba. This is an inexpensive, convenient and relatively comfortable method of getting around the area, with bus stops being located in front of nearly all hotels and waiting time between busses usually being less than twenty minutes long.  Visitors can also get busses at the Arubus bus station located in downtown Oranjestad.

The bus runs Monday through Saturday from six in the morning until midnight, making it possible to use the bus to get nearly anywhere you want to go at any time of day.  The hours of the bus are the same on Sundays but busses run less frequently on Sundays than during the rest of the week, especially after six in the evening.

Standard bus fare is $1.30 for a one-way ride from Oranjestad to the beaches (the most frequently traveled bus route used by visitors) and a round-trip ride is slightly discounted at $2.30.  The round trip ticket is a yellow ticket which is used for same day travel only.  Bus drivers do not make change so visitors will need to have the correct change for their ride.