Antigua offers a huge range of day trips for both the day visitor arriving on a cruise ship and for those lucky enough to be staying for longer.

You can take a land based tour - either using taxi guides (who are knowledgeable and friendly) or specialised tour operators, including 4-wheel, offroad and even self drive (ATV or Segway), perhaps including the beautifully restored Nelson's Dockyard and awesome views from Shirley Heights.

Alternatively, and perhaps the best way to really see the island, take a boat trip - there are lots to choose from including lunch trips, eco-based tours, circumnavigation by power boat or catamaran or even booze cruises, and even self-drive mini-boats (lots of fun!).

The other option is always to hire a car and take a tour by yourself. The map provided with every rental car is more than good enough to get around the island and see some of its numerous attractions, sights and beaches at your own pace.