At only 108 square miles, Antigua's not a large island, so it's not always easy to find places that are truly hidden away.  There are still some, however, and you might like to consider trying something different to the usual tours.

Fig Tree Drive is a scenic road that winds through the south western 'mountains'.  Fig is the local name for bananas, and there are plenty to be seen along the roadside, along with many other fruits. There are a couple of excellent fruit stands where you can stop and try some sweet Antiguan black pineapple, figs or a refreshing local juice. 

About half way up Fig Tree Drive, you'll see a sign for Wallings Reservoir.  This is well worth a detour. Cool and calm, the sound of birdsong is all you'll hear. There are picnic benches and even a grill, and it's the starting point for a number of gorgeous hikes.

The lovely Rendezvous Bay is always considered one of the best deserted beaches. It's recently become far more accessible - and can now be reached by 4x4 rather than needing to hike or take a boat.  

The numerous islands of the North Sound can make for a great day out. As well as those used by tour operators for day trips, there are plenty that boast secluded bays and can be reached easily by boat.

The Nook is a tiny local eatery in St. John’s that makes great meat patties.   For those who do not know what a meat patty is, order one and find out.  Alternatively, try a Roti from Roti King, for a very different version of a takeaway meal.