As Antigua is a relatively small island (it’s roughly circular with an area of 108 square miles), getting around the island is fairly convenient.   Though the public transportation is sparse (check with your hotel for schedules and rates), taxis are available to get you wherever you need at reasonable prices.   Many tourist destinations operate on a fixed rate, so if you’re looking to budget your transportation into your trip costs, you can ask your hotel for taxi rates beforehand.   In fact, the taxi drivers have the added bonus of being familiar with the area and can act as tour guides and historians along the way.  

Travel buses handled by private companies also offer transportation (and tour guides) between tourist locations.   For those who are unsure where to go, or would choose to have someone else do the itinerary planning, tour buses are an ideal option for low-hassle travel. 

If you would like more freedom in your travels or would like to explore more of the island on your own (and if you are prepared for driving on the left side of the road), renting a car is also an option.   There are many rental agencies on the island that can help you obtain your Antiguan driving permit ($20 for 3 months).   Car rentals cost about $40-$50 US dollars a day and require a valid driver’s license on top of the permit.   

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