Problems which visitors might encounter in Antigua include:

  • Drugs – travelers in the area may be approached by drug vendors.  Marijuana is the most frequently sold drug offered to travelers.  Visitors are reminded that the substance is illegal in Antigua and that its purchase or use is a punishable crime.
  • Insects – Visitors sometimes find that they have problems with getting bit by insects in the area.  There is no malaria in the area, but there have been instances of Dengue Fever.   Further advice at at .
  • Petty theft – Street crime is uncommon in Antigua but travelers are sometimes victims of small petty theft crimes.  Keep valuables and documents safe - ideally locked in a room safe, never carry large amounts of cash and consider avoiding wearing conspicuous jewellery. Keep a copy of document numbers and bank contact numbers for credit or debit cards in a separate place.
  • Sun safety – Travelers visiting Antigua often spend a lot of time outdoors.  Visitors are reminded that the sun can be harsh and it is important to make sure to take common sense precautions to protect oneself from problems related to heat exhaustion, dehydration and over-exposure to the sun.
  • Water safety – Travelers are reminded to observe common sense precautions when spending time in the water around Antigua.
  • Drinking water - The water is safe to drink, but may taste heavily chlorinated. Most visitors prefer to drink bottled water.
  • Road safety - Many roads are unpaved, and others have deep potholes and speed bumps. All of these can be particularly hazardous after rain. Drivers are reminded to always wear seatbelts (required by law) and to drive with caution, especially if unused to driving on the left. 
  • Accident or illness - Antigua has an very good hospital (Mount St Johns) as well as numerous private clinics, doctors and dentists. Treatment for visitors is not free, so travellers are reminded to ensure they have adequate medical insurance at all times.