To get into the spirit of Antigua, sample the works of one of her most famous daughters, the award winning author Jamaica Kincaid.  Born in 1944 as Elaine Potter Richardson, Kincaid left Antigua at the age of 17 and went to New York to Work as an Au Pair.  Having studied English and photography, Kincaid eventually came to write for the New Yorker and to publish a prolific set of highly acclaimed writings. 

Several of Kincaid’s novels (including Annie John and The Autobiography of my Mother) are set in Antigua, full of all of the experiences and insights of one who grew up in a time of growing anti-colonialism.  Her non-fiction work, A Small Place gives the reader Kincaid’s thoughts when she returned to Antigua 19 years after she had left it.

For non-fiction works on Antigua, Desmond Nicholson has emerged as a scholar of the island’s history and culture.  His work Antigua and Barbuda : A Historical Sketch gives a short account of the island state while his Story of the Arawaks in Antigua and Barbuda focuses on the Arawak tribe that occupied the island before the Carib people.  Other works by Nicholson include English Harbour , Antigua : An historical and archaeological sketch, and Antigua and Barbuda : A photographic Journey.  Sadly Desmond passed away this year but his work will be long remembered.

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