Devils Bridge

Devils Bridge is a worthwhile visit in Antigua. Located in the Southeast side of the island, surrounded by both the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. In fact it can easily be seen where both meet. The rough Atlantic Ocean battering against the shoreline has created Devils Bridge (pictured above). The deep swells and raging waters are continuously crashing into Devils Bridge most of the year. Many people go to visit this sight and some, those who are more daring, actually walk across the bridge. It is advised not to do this, as if you fall into the Ocean there it is near impossible to escape the currents without serious injury. There are various stories of people who have fallen in and never escaped, although many of these are possible fictional. It's better to be on the careful side!

Devils Bridge area is mostly rock with some surrounding greenery and there is a small bay to one side. There is more or less always a strong breeze that will keep you cool, but this can make the strength of the sun deceiving. If you have the patience then you will be able to get some great photos of the waves splashing up against the bridge.

Nature working is magic to create an exciting and beautiful landscape.